Change for Change is about raising money and awareness to feed the hungry. Over 50% of the world’s population lives in poverty which is less than 2 dollars a day. By collecting the spare change in our pockets, automobiles and in the cushions of our couches we can change the lives of those in poverty.


  • Print this document from your computer.
  • Cut out & Tape the logo to a coffee can or jar.
  • Collect change.
  • Give the Change to Everybody Fed to Feed the Hungry.

Change for Change Fundraising Ideas:

  • Parents can put the Change for Change jar in your house. Kids fill it throughout the year. Use it as a teaching tool to educate your children on poverty and how you are helping people by Feeding the Hungry.
  • Have Children go door to door asking neighbors and friends to donate their spare change to feed the hungry.
  • Ask Small Businesses if they will help with Change for Change by allowing the jars to be put out near registers at their place of business.
  • Ask Employers if they will match money raised by the Change for Change program. OR ask them if they will donate to your non-profit Everybody Fed.
  • Email or print this document and share with friends and family. Ask them if they would commit to starting their own jar for Change for Change.

Print the Change for Change Flyer